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Maine Acadian cultural survey collection, 1991

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Series 3: Graphic materials (continued)
Black-and-white negatives (continued)
Buildings and scenes, Eagle Lake, Maine; Gilman Caron home, Lavertu Settlement, Maine; Miscellaneous images, Fort Kent, Maine, 1991 (continued)
Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_b004_4046
37 35 mm black-and-white film negatives
These images document a variety of buildings and scenes.; 1, Blank frame; 2, Defunct dairy bar, Eagle Lake; 3, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle graffiti, Eagle Lake; These images document a visit to the house of Gilman Caron in Lavertu Settlement, ME; 4-7, Pieces removed from the house during a remodeling; the tenon and wooden peg were commonly used in nineteenth century Acadian construction; 8-12, Exterior of Gilman Caron's house; the smaller section to the right and the covered porch represent later additions. The second floor door (#12) is a curiosity; apparently there used to be stairs on this side of the house; 13-14, Mr. Caron's garden, in which he plants a wide variety of vegetables and flowers; 15, Weathervane with a boat; 16, Caron poses with an old tractor which he is restoring; 17-21, Log platform which covers a spring cutlet on Caron's property; 22, Caron's tractor; 23, Overexposed image; Miscellaneous images; 24-25, Porsche with "PATATE" license plates at Doris' Cafe in Fort Kent, ME; potatoes are the primary crop in the study area (patate is Acadian French for potato); These images document a visit to Leona Cyr at La Maison Acadienne, a senior citizens' home in Madawaska, ME; 26-28, Ms. Cyr shows some of her weavings; 29-33, Some of Ms. Cyr's wor; 34, Sign at La Maison Acadienne.
Call number: AFC 1991/029: RB-B005 Farm buildings, Fort Kent, Maine; Tintamarre, Grand Riviere Festival, Native American Day at the Village Acadien, Van Buren, Maine; Home of Claude "Blackie" Cyr in Saint David, Maine, 1991
Photographer: Ray C. Brassieur
Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_b005
27 35 mm black-and-white film negatives
Miscellaneous scenes; 0, Building under construction on a farm on State Highway- 161 (Caribou Rd.) , Fort Kent, ME; we saw a number of farm buildings collapsing or being torn down, but this is one of the few we saw being erected; 1, Farmstead, eastern Fort Kent; 2-3, Collapsing twin barn, Highway 161, Fort Kent; 4-5, Participants in the Tintamarre at the annual Grande Riviere Festival in Van Bur en, ME. Groups from Van Bur en and St-Leonard, New Brunswick, met on the international bridge for a noisemaking. Here, participants gather in parking lots and on street corners in Van Buren prior to marching to the bridge; These images document Native American Day, an event held at the Village Acadien in Van Buren, ME, as part of the Grande Riviere Festival; 7-9, Spectators listen to presentations on various aspects of Native American culture. The tipi was erected especially for the event; 10, The parking lot was full; 11-12, Mic-Mac dancers circle the crowd; 13, Spectators join the dance; Various buildings and scenes; 14-15, Abandoned Frenchville Starch Factory, Frenchville; 16-18, Large produce warehouse called a potato house; these are generally located adjacent to a railroad line, and were used to store produce prior to shipping. Many of these in the study area are still standing but not currently in use; 19, Pickup truck with wooden potato barrels in the bed; these barrels were at one time widely used in the handharvesting of potatoes, but mechanical harvesting has rendered them obsolete. Some have been adapted to other purposes; 20, Gift shop at the Village Acadien These images document a visit to the Long Lake home of Claude "Blackie" Cyr in St. David, ME; 21-25, A collection of wooden figures carved by Cyr; 26-27, Statue of peg-legged sailor carved by Cyr.
Black-and-white prints
Items MAP-RB-B001 to MAP-RB-B005
Items MAP-HM-B001 to MAP-HM-B021
Items MAP-LO-B001 to MAP-LO-B003
Items MAP-DW-B001 to MAP-DW-B069
BOX 17 Contact sheets
Total of 97 contact sheets, comprising approximately 2,700 images, in a loose-leaf binder. (3 duplicate contact sheets are in folder number 68.) The contact sheets are available in the Folklife Reading Room.
BOX 18 Photographic prints
8 x 10 inch black-and-white photographic prints from field collection. 80 prints in a loose-leaf binder..
Series 4: Moving images
BOX 24 Videotapes
Items MAP-LO-V001 to MAP-LO-V004
Four videotapes from the Fort Kent Historical Society.
Item MAP-LO-V005
One videotape copy of the July 16, 1990, 30-minute production of the Chronicle television show, titled "The Main Streets and Back Roads of New England," showing the Upper St. John Valley and its history of the Acadian people and a look at their present-day descendents; discusses the struggle to keep their traditions alive.

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