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  • Entire Finding Aid: the complete finding aid -- the Overview and Collection Title along with the Contents List
  • Overview and Collection Title (default): includes the name of the collection; collection summary; scope and contents, arrangement; biographical and organizational notes; provenance and administrative data; conditions of collection access and use; controlled index terms for creators, collectors, and other individuals, families, and organizations associated with the collection; and information on and links to online collection content, appendices, indexes, and associated guides. Searches do not include the full text of linked appendices, indexes, and guides.
  • Contents List: lists collection containers and contents and describes series and subseries included

Check Contains links to digital content to filter your search to finding aids that contain links to associated digital content. Separately searching online tools (such as loc.gov or loc.gov/pictures) may reveal additional digital items not linked within the finding aid.

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Descriptions of Library of Congress collections can be searched with other Library materials in the LC Catalog.

Some older finding aids are currently available only as online text documents linked from Research Center web pages. Individual research centers may also have older finding aids available only in print.

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